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 Suigetsu GM/Host App

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PostSubject: Suigetsu GM/Host App   Thu Jun 04, 2009 9:55 am

Name - Kevin

Key name - TheBlindAssassin

Ingame name - Suigetsu

Experience - My experience as a gm is pretty well known. I am excellent with helping people. My grammar is also very good, I try my best to help everyone that needs it. I can also host Im available most of the day. I have been on byond for about a year now. I'm very patient on waiting for people. I'm very calm and I don't let the simple things bother me, but my 1 pet peeve is when people argue over the internet I just cant stand it.


Why should you pick me? - Well thats all up to you, I cant decide for you, but I am a well experienced and a veteran GM. If you pick me then I would have to thank you alot. I love having the responsiblity of a GM


Contact information -

AIM - kevinkevman06
Yahoo - Escobar201@yahoo.com
MSN - Kevinkevman5@hotmail.com
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Suigetsu GM/Host App
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